pasta and beans in a glass container with cork lids

Modern finance is full of beans

Having spare capital is both a blessing and a curse. Some time ago, my friend Michael and I realized that savings melt every day. Damn inflation. That’s an easy one, we thought, as we typed investing in google. The search results were full of interest rates, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, options, and a gazillion otherContinue reading “Modern finance is full of beans”

Web3 publishing? Sure, if you like your work held captive.

I thought Web3 would revolutionize online writing, but publishing this article has changed my mind. The process was easy: I just pasted the words into the text field, hit publish, paid a few crypto cents, and that was it – no accounts, emails, or moderators involved. But now that I’ve done it, I don’t believe I ownContinue reading “Web3 publishing? Sure, if you like your work held captive.”

The Death of a Degree

My mom, a college dropout, used to relentlessly repeat that finding a decent job without a college degree is virtually impossible. She shared her life wisdom with me. During her times, higher education was a key to a good job and a good life. Unfortunately, knowledge only reached as far as the professor’s voice, andContinue reading “The Death of a Degree”


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