About me

Adam Zielinski

10 seconds bio

What is this site?

I will write about software, happiness, data science, and life design. To that latest point, I wrote about getting my Bachelor’s in six months.

Why do I want to write?

To improve my relationships. Post ideas inspire excellent discussion leading to a shared understanding. It’s important to me because I bond with people through creativity and collaboration. In this regard, working with open-source software has been a pure joy for me: WordPress community is a simmering stewpot of creative discourse and serendipitous collaboration. I hope writing will become a recipe for a similar dish in all areas of my life.

Think clearer. I want writing to be a thinking tool for me. Explaining is just bridging knowledge gaps with vivid examples, useful metaphors, and surprising insights. Coming up with these requires serious mental effort and a great understanding of the subject matter. Whenever I struggle, it hints that I’m missing something and still have some space to grow.

Having fun! I am happiest when I get to think, create, and interact with people. It feels natural during the improv classes, in the open-source world, and even when I journal in private. I want to take that energy and use it for publishing: Let’s share something with the world and enjoy all of it!

Getting over my fear of writing. I’m afraid of writing and I don’t want to be. I’m anxious that people will judge me if my work is not perfect. Perfect as in free of mistakes. Perfect as in succinct. Perfect as in effective. This takes huge effort: I spend countless hours researching and revising every sentence. Every piece feels overwhelming, so I mostly avoid writing.

But no more.

On this blog, I will write. I want to write. I have ideas to share, discussions to initiate, and hearts to touch. Avoidance and perfectionism do not spare me from failure – they are one. I know writing can be impactful, illuminating, and, most importantly, fun. Like Niklas Luhmann, I only plan to write about what seems easy and exciting at a time. I invite you to join me on this journey – it will be a grand adventure for both of us!