About me

Adam Zielinski

10 seconds bio

What is this site?

I will write about software, happiness, data science, and life design. To that latest point, I wrote about getting my Bachelor’s in six months.

Why do I want to write?

To improve my relationships. Post ideas inspire excellent discussion leading to a shared understanding. It’s important to me because I bond with people through creativity and collaboration. In this regard, working with open-source software has been a pure joy for me: WordPress community is a simmering stewpot of creative discourse and serendipitous collaboration. I hope writing will become a recipe for a similar dish in all areas of my life.

Think clearer. I want writing to be a thinking tool for me. Explaining is just bridging knowledge gaps with vivid examples, useful metaphors, and surprising insights. Coming up with these requires serious mental effort and a great understanding of the subject matter. Whenever I struggle, it hints that I’m missing something and still have some space to grow.

Having fun! I am happiest when I get to think, create, and interact with people. It feels natural during the improv classes, in the open-source world, and even when I journal in private. I want to take that energy and use it for publishing: Let’s share something with the world and enjoy all of it!